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Richmond Criminal Law Attorney Amy Austin

When you  Need  An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

arms crossed When people are charged with crimes, they face some of the toughest personnel in the government. The government has a large arsenal of tools to use against those charged with crimes.

A criminal defendant, however, only has one person on his or her side â?? an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can play a crucial role in the outcome of a person's case. To help ensure the rights of the accused person are protected, the lawyer needs to be knowledgeable and needs to care about the person and the outcome of the case.

The Law Office of Amy L. Austin provides that resource for individuals. Attorney Amy Austin has focused exclusively on trial work for the last 11 years. She has defended clients who are facing misdemeanors and felonies, has tried numerous jury trials, and has protected the rights of two individuals who were facing the death penalty.

Amy Austin also protects the rights of individuals who are facing civil matters, including personal injury cases, employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

A Virginia Lawyer With Experience

Amy Austin knows the federal court system inside and out. She has appeared in front of every federal judge in Richmond and maintains a good reputation with them. She is not afraid to argue for release for her clients, and she will challenge the prosecution if she believes the constitutional rights of her clients were violated during their arrests.

Some attorneys think the fight for their clients begins when they are arguing about guilt and innocence. However, people do not want to be incarcerated at any point in the criminal process. Amy Austin fights to keep her clients out of jail from the moment they are arrested, and she continues to fight on their behalf throughout the case.

The Law Office of Amy L. Austin also handles appellate cases. Attorney Amy Austin has experience handling appeals, including writing appellate briefs and arguing before appellate courts.

What To Expect When You Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Amy Austin

If you are in trouble with the law, you need someone you can trust. You need someone who will answer your questions and spend time explaining the criminal justice system and legal procedures. Amy Austin is always honest with her clients and gives them the answers they need to understand what will happen at each step of the process.

If you are interested in working with an attorney who has appeared before every federal judge in Richmond and knows the tenor of each courtroom, contact Amy Austin online or call 804-343-1900 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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