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Richmond Drug Crime Attorney

A Lawyer Who Keeps Working — Even After A Conviction

Some people think that a drug crime can be solved by agreeing with whatever the arresting officer says and paying a fine. In reality, a felony drug or gun conviction can stay with you the rest of your life. Employers routinely ask about drug convictions on applications, and it can even impact where you are able to live.

If you are considering pleading guilty, it's important to consider your options first. The best way to protect your interests is to work with a lawyer who will fight on your behalf. Even if you are convicted, you need an attorney who won't stop fighting. An experienced drug crime defense lawyer in Richmond can help present an accurate picture of the accused person, not just the person who committed a drug crime.

Amy Austin knows that sentencing proceedings are as important as other proceedings in the criminal justice process, and she will fight to understand what options exist for lowering the sentence or the punishment you may be facing. The Law Office of Amy L. Austin offers clients throughout Virginia the legal protection they need at every step of the criminal defense process.

Did A Drug Or Gun Arrest Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

Many drug or gun crime arrests are the result of cars or homes being searched. However, if the arresting officers did not have probable cause to search your car or home, they may have violated your constitutional rights.

Amy Austin knows Fourth Amendment violations  can occur  in drug and gun arrests, and she fights to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained in a variety of cases, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Possession of a firearm by a drug user
  • Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug crime

Don't Let A Drug Arrest In College Ruin Your Future

When college students are convicted for possession of marijuana or cocaine, it can affect the rest of their lives. Students need someone who can fight for them and help them get the best possible outcomes.

The Law Office of Amy L. Austin  can help college students mitigate the charges they are facing. Her office defends students throughout Virginia, including students at the following colleges:

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University of Richmond
  • Virginia Union University
  • Randolph Macon College
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
  • South University
  • John Tyler Community College

Contact A Richmond Drug And Gun Crime Lawyer

If you are facing drug or gun charges, you need an experienced lawyer who can help protect your rights and your future. Attorney Amy Austin fights for her clients at every step of the process. Schedule your free initial consultation online or call 804-343-1900.

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